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Ten Kids Changing the Future of Pediatric Healthcare

Sixty-two children enter a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital for treatment every minute. One in six kids in America has a mental illness. One in ten has a rare disease. Each of these statistics is staggering. Our kids will get sick, our kids will get hurt, but when our kids, families, and communities need to heal that’s when our children’s hospitals step in.

But children’s healthcare is underfunded, and kids can’t wait while the funding debate continues. These ten kids know the important role children’s hospitals play in the lives of kids and their families, firsthand. They’re all changemakers who strive to help kids like them: Bella is an advocate for people with mental illness, Chloe raises money for her children’s hospital through a lemonade stand, and Mo is the first person to ever read the announcement of an NFL draft pick in braille. As ambassadors for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, they’ll spend 2020 advocating for change and sharing the importance of donating to your local children’s hospital. Their first stop: the RE/MAX R4 Conference in Las Vegas in February 2020.

Meet Alexis

Meet Aubrey

Meet Bella

Meet Chloe

Meet Devin

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Meet Libbie

Meet Mo

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