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Myositis Awareness Month – Caroline Lowery

Caroline Lowery | Jackson |

Caroline Lowery’s family sought help when she became so weak she could no longer climb stairs or brush her hair.  She frequently lost her balance and would fall without warning. She also developed a rash on her cuticles that ultimately helped doctors diagnose her rare autoimmune disorder. Caroline copes with dermatomyositis, an inflammation of skin and muscles that affects roughly four out of 1 million people.

Her family was relieved to learn they wouldn’t have to travel out of state for medical care. “We’re blessed to receive treatment right here in Jackson and have all these specialties under one roof,” says her mother, Victoria.

Treatment for dermatomyositis begins with an intense week-long hospital stay for daily infusions of steroids and other medicines. Thankfully, with routine medication, Caroline is now in remission. She attends regular outpatient infusion appointments and has formed very close friendships with her doctors and nurses at Batson Children’s Hospital.

Caroline is wise beyond her years. A friend once commented on how well she was handling her illness and Caroline confidently responded “Self-pity is the most wasted emotion,” something she picked up from a book about Helen Keller.

In addition to reading, Caroline enjoys creating art and is an excellent writer. Now that her strength has returned, she is able to take ballet lessons and looks forward to performing with Ballet Mississippi.