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Meet Miss. Champion Jordan


While his condition adversely affects his ability to walk, one of Jordan’s favorite hobbies is running. It’s a perfect example of his optimistic attitude toward life. He commonly says, “Don’t give up.” The motto is particularly meaningful to this teenager who has heeded his own advice on multiple occasions.

Jordan started life with a fight when he was born 12 weeks premature. A few months after his first birthday he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. At age 7, his diagnosis evolved to spastic diplegia, a distinct type of cerebral palsy affecting about 22 percent of all diagnoses. It means Jordan has an especially high level of constant tightness and stiffness in his lower extremities.

Jordan has received care at his member CMN Hospital since he was 3 years old. Now an active teenager, he still receives treatment in the form of physical therapy and injections that improve his ability to move.


How donations helped Jordan at Batson Children`s Hospital at the University of Mississippi Medical Center:  

The facility where Jordan receives physical therapy for his unique type of cerebral palsy is able to keep its doors open thanks to donations made through CMN Hospitals and other initiatives.