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Meet a Miracle: Jeremiah Whitten

Jeremiah Whitten of Vicksburg, a Children’s of Mississippi patient, smiles from his stroller.

Jeremiah is always on the chase after his puppy and big brother. At their twenty-week ultrasound, Jeremiah’s parents discovered he had a congenital diaphragmatic hernia. The muscle between his diaphragm and abdomen did not separate his organs the properly. So the organs in his abdomen pushed against his lungs as they developed – leaving Jeremiah with an underdeveloped left lung. Jeremiah needed an ECMO machine, available at Children’s of Mississippi’s level 4 NICU, to provide cardiac and respiratory support for his underdeveloped lung. Jeremiah underwent multiple surgeries to repair the muscle and stop his organs from crowding each other. After recovering in the NICU, Jeremiah is doing well. With support from you, miracles like Jeremiah are possible!